This year has been odd. I can't really think of another appropriate word. A few days before the pandemic shut down the world, I had 'voluntarily' retired from a more than 30 year job with a famous healthcare institution. In fact I was one of the last people to have any elective procedure on March 10, 2020.
Even though I had a good pension, I knew that my early retirement wouldn't suffice to allow me to continue living the same way.

But then came the pandemic and instead of me being home alone moping for what had happened to me, everyone was home and we were able to spend quality family time together.

My neighborhood found ways to continue human interaction and comfort having each other to connect with. We had 'wine nights' in the cul-d sac. When the social injustices happened, we discussed all the ramifications. We have a diverse group of neighbors and even some international people who had come out to visit from India and couldn't get home. Together we worked to support each other as well as Black Lives Matter and the Armenian Genocide.

I now have some bittersweet feelings as we come out of the pandemic. I miss just hanging out with my wonderful neighbors.

Moving forward after the pandemic, my hope is that the relationships cultivated during the past year continue and grow. Lets all keep the warm feelings we had during this difficult time and learn more ways to love your neighbors!
Debby Weissman from California